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Hi all

It’s been a while since I took some photos, and as such I decided to take advantage of the blue sky and exercise my fisheye lens. As this lens distortion is most evident at straight lines, I looked for round objects. The recently rebuilt HaBima theatre in Tel-Aviv was found to be the perfect location.

As it was a sunny day, with bright buildings and dark shades I decided to use 0.7ev bracketing and later use HDR software to refine the result. I used Photomatix Essentials 3.1.1 which I purchased recently, so without any further delay, here are the photos:

and after a gentle HDR treatment:

The 2nd photo has enhanced colors, but aside of it there is no real difference between them.

Here is the front side of the building, starting from the original photo:

and the HDR, which, I think improves the visibility inside the building

and another version, which is more artisitic…

I took photos of a near by small garden, above the underground parking, here is how it looks with a regular lens

Taken with fisheye lens:

and enhanced by Photomatix

Now, let’s see the famous 3-coins statue, partially obstructing the sun (Post processed)

And last, a regular photo of a scooter 🙂

That’s all for today


to HDR or not to HDR

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Hi all

I decided to test the benefits of using the internal feature of HDR. When strolling in Jaffa (see previous blog), I took the picture of a wall, where part of it was shaded. Here is the original photo:

Now, this is the result of the Auto HDR produced by the camera (The camera takes 2 photos and processes the combined result)

Finally, I applied the Auto single photo HDR feature in PS5.5 to yield the following photo:

What do you say? Which is better? The internal 2-photo HDR or the 1 photo PS processed HDR?

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