Das ist Berlin (This is Berlin) Part 3 – The WALL

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Hi all

Let me start by “solving” the riddle in part 2 – it is the bells tower of the French Cathedral in Gendarmenmarkt. here is another photo

And now for this part topic – The WALL

The Wall between East and West Germany still carries a lot of memories not only for Germans. Although almost fully dismantled, there are few places where the wall still stands to symbolize the divided country. The most significant places are: The Wall Memorial Center on Bernauer  street, the East Side Gallery on Mühlen street and of course the symbolic  Checkpoint Charlie. There are also many other places where you’re able to see remains of the Wall.

The Wall Memorial Center consists of several elements:

The Observation Tower offering a view to the original walls and the surroundings

General view of the Wall memorial area

The walls and the killing zone between them

The modern Chapel of Reconciliation that was built in 2000

The largest segment of the Wall that still stands is used today as an open air art gallery near the river. It stretches over 1,300m and is covered by many international art works, mostly related to Freedom. Here are some photos of the artworks:





Last, I paid a visit to Checkpoint Charlie which became to be an over-populated tourist trap 😦

Well, that’s it for the Berlin Wall. Next part will be the last one and will cover Remembrance


A sunny day in Jaffa – part 1 – the walls’ graffiti

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Hi all

I decided to enjoy the wonderful weather (25 deg, clear sky) and go to Jaffa port to watch the exhibition of graffiti wall paintings

Obviously it was a good opportunity to test some of the a55 capabilities 🙂

All photos were taken with Sony 18-250mm lens

The wall paintings were all over the port, done by artists for a promoting a commercial company, here are several snapshots of them:

This photo demonstrates the contrast between the painted houses (actually a warehouse) and the other houses. It was taken using the Panorama scene, cropped at both sides

here are additional photos, click on the thumbnails




In part 2 I’ll share with you the other attractions found in Jaffa

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