Black Sea Summer Resorts – Sunny Beach

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Hi all

This is the 2nd part of the Black Sea photos. In this part I’ll describe the area north of Nessebar, which is called Sunny Beach and accommodates many hotels along its 6 km promenade.

It has a nice beach at day:

and at night:

Many new hotels are located there, each tries to outrun the other by lights and glamour, especially at night time:

Victoria Palace Hotel:

Helena Hotel at night:

Majestic Hotel at night:

and at day:

A Panoramic view:

And I’ll wrap up this section with another photo of Majestic hotel and one of its pools

The Promenade

The best entertainment in Sunny beach is to take a night walk in the promenade, which quite a few tourists are doing…:

Once can stop by at a restaurant and have a BBQ

Buy a toy

Watch the Dancing show of the Casino (or enter and play)


Attend a “African” show at the hotel

or take a photo dressed as a Pirate

So, as you can see – anyone can find whatever he or she is looking for at Sunny Beach

That’s all for the Black Sea Resorts


Black Sea Summer Resorts – Nessebar

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Hi all

I would like to share with you some impressions from 2 adjacent places located on the west shore of the Black sea – Nessebar and nearby Sunny Beach

Nessebar (also appears as Nesebar)

an ancient Bulgarian town, located on a small island which is connected with a narrow bridge to the mainland

Very old, well preserved, unique atmosphere. This is claimed to be the oldest house in the town, located almost at the peak with windows at all 4 directions:

There are numerous souvenir shops, practically located everywhere, some offer unique local art, many are just “tourist traps”…




and some local crafts:

The town is famous with its churches, there are about 40 that survived the time, which makes Nessebar the town with the highest number of churches per capita. The most famous one is the Church of St Sophia dated from the 5th century. Due to its unique acoustics, the church is used for hosting open air music events

Here are several more photos of the Church of Christ Pantocrator, see the fine details in the 2nd photo:

The Church of John the Baptist (HDR On/Off)


In addition to the remain of the churches, there’s also a fortress that protected the town from the mainland

and finally, let’s have a view of Nessebar from Sunny Beach which will be described in part 2

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