Moving to Google’s Blogger and a New Name

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Hi all

I decided to switch over to Blogger, mostly due to the ease of uploading photos to the web via Google+.

On this occasion I also renamed the blog: Zoom Therapy

Here is the link to the new blog:




My New Fisheye Lens

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Hi all

Finally I received a fisheye lens: Samyang 8mm which is adapted to Sony A cameras.

It is a manually tuned lens, with very good reviews, so let’s see some early shots with it…

Here is the very 1st one, just out of the box in a typical sunny Tel Aviv day (f/8, 1/500 Sec, ISO 400)

Next, I tried to see  what happens when the sun is included in the picture – it is very difficult to avoid such cases due to the width of the lens: 180 degrees for my camera. The lens has a multy-layer coating which claims to do the work, and as you can see – it does it quite nicely (f/8, 1/800 Sec, ISO 400)

My next photos take you to Italy, as I used the opportunity of visiting Italy to experiment this lens

at TLV airport, with low light f/3.5, 1/40 Sec, ISO 800

and here is the main square in Todi, Umbria: (f/11, 1/125 Sec, ISO 100)

One of the key usages of fisheye kens is with landscape photography, and this is the view from Perugia, Umbria (f/11, 1/50 Sec, ISO100). Again, no real impact of the sun on the image quality, although included in the photo

Getting to Rome, I took a photo of the great monument of Vittorio Emanuele II, built with white marble stone

f/11, 1/100 Sec, ISO100.

One of the most visited buildings in Rome, is the Pantheon with its unique roof. No other lens can capture the ceiling as the height and diameter of this huge building are identical. here is the result with the fisheye, taken in low light conditions: f/3.5, 1/8 Sec, ISO800

This photo was also taken inside the Pantheon (f/3.5, 1/30 Sec, ISO3200). Again – very low light but as there are people in the photo I had to use 1/30 Sec and compensate with increased ISO

and last, that was my rented car, the beautiful Lancia Delta, F/11, 1/125 Sec, ISO100


The Samyang 8mm is a good a solid lens. It behaves as a fisheye should behave, handling well direct sun light.


Good built

low flare

low cost


Sharp only for f/8 and higher

Manual control, no electronics inside the lens

Several interesting blogs


Hi all

Today, I would like to share with you several blogs I’m following:

The 1st one is SonyAlpha Rumors which brings a lot of information on Sony new products: News, rumors and reviews

Another blog that supplies news and rumors, but is not limited only to Sony is Camera Rumors & News

I also enjoy reading the phoblographer which brings new products reviews, and specifically a review of the Sony a55

Finally I would like to highlight the blog of Robin Wong who uses Olympus system. I started reading Robin’s blog as I have also an Olympus DSLR, but I would highly recommend looking at his blog as his personal touch is really unique

Hello world!

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I started this blog in order to share my experience as a relatively new comer to the Sony Alpha family of Digital cameras, specifically SLT-A55

This is not my first DSLR, however it’s a unique one and calls for somewhat different usage compared to a more conventional DSLR



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