Hi all

I’ll continue my description of the city with more classical sites, as there are quite a few of them in Berlin.

One of the nicest places in Berlin is Gendarmenmarkt square. It is the site of the Konzerthaus and the French and German Cathedrals. Originally built ~200 years ago, badly damaged in WWII and restored later to original state. Here is a panorama of the square (generated by the camera)

This is one of the statues at the entrance of the Konzerhaus (shot with HDR Auto)

Views of the German and French Cathedrals


Moving on to one of the beauties of Berlin – Charlottenburg Palace which is located in the west side of the city

here is a front view of this palace, which is the largest in Berlin

Some photos of the palace (PS: they charge 3 Euros for taking photos)


The following photos were taken with 50mm/2.8 Macro lens


The new wing


and a nice view of the gardens

In the gardens there’s an additional building – Belverde which accommodates a large collection of porcelain (all photos were taken with 50mm/2.8 Macro lens)



and surprisingly a Passover plate

I would like to wrap up with a riddle: The following photo is from one of the places mentioned above.

1) Where was this picture taken?

2) What do you see in the picture?

That’s all for part 2, in part 3 I’ll share some of the impressions from the WALL