Hi all

We spent few days in sunny Berlin, and I’ll share some of my impressions from the city (…and from my camera).

Berlin has developed dramatically in past years, last time I visited Berlin was ~7 years ago, and all I could see was cranes everywhere, now the city seems to be still developing but in a more rational pace.

The most noted area is Potsdamer Platz, here are some photos taken in twilight time, using Hand-held Twilight scene.

Taken with Sony SLT-A55V, DT 18-250mm lens @18mm, f/3.5, 1/30sec, ISO320.

There are additional interesting buildings located there, please check the full size photos



all photos were taken in very low light conditions, however they are sharp and clear 🙂

Next to Potsdamer Platz there is the energetic Sony Center with it color changing dom. Here is how it looks at various times:



and, last photo for Sony Center is the following Panorama:

Another cluster of new buildings is in vicinity to the Reichstag, here are some examples, most notably is the new central railway station which is the largest in Europe of its type (Cross)



And the new Dom of the Reichstag

Finally, a look inside a rather “dull” DZ bank building in Pariser Platz 3 (designed by Frank O. Gehry)

that’s it for part 1, in part 2 I’ll cover some of the more classical sites of Berlin