The SLT-A55 is packed with features. Among them, a unique feature helps with taking photos at low light, such as outdoor evening or even night photos where there’s some light.

To activate this feature, dial the Scene position and select Hand-held Twilight. Once you hit the shutter button the camera will shoot several times, and later use the individual shots for creating a merged photo with less noise and more details. As each of the individual shots is shorter compared to a single exposure, there is less blur for each of the individual photos and the end result is with lower noise and is sharper.

To illustrate the benefits of this feature I photographed my dog, while resting on the carpet at low light conditions

I used the SLT-A55 in programmable mode with 18-250mm lens at focal length of 150mm with aperture of 6.3, SteadyShot on

Here is a crop of the photos taken

Reference mode: shutter speed of 1/5, ISO 1600

Twilight mode: shutter speed of 1/30 (x6 times), ISO 6400

Links to the full pictures: Reference, Hand held Twilight

The difference is quite obvious, showing the benefit of using this feature also for live objects 🙂

PS: it is possible to use this feature with flash as well, but the time between each shot is significantly higher…